Commercial Drivers License.

Don’t let your license expire. Every year, drivers must maintain and up-keep a medical profile for the FMCSA driver’s medical record. This exam is typically performed every 1-2 years for existing, new, or returning drivers.

Get your medical report card filled out before the expiration date to renew your commercial driver’s license and also your status with FMCSA and the DMV.

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Appointments can be made in advance and take approximately 45 minutes, including paperwork. Contact us at 305.879.9583 24/7 to schedule your exam this week or the following week.

  • You must bring: Your driver’s license

Call us to schedule an appointment and mention you are scheduling a commercial driver’s license medical exam.

Who might need an examination?


Driving managers

Driving company owners

School bus drivers

City bus drivers

Transportation truck drivers

Any operator of a vehicle of 9 paid passengers or more, or a vehicle weighing more than 10,0001 lbs. or other driver who is transporting hazardous or waste materials.

Whatever you need, we are here to help!

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